FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the purpose of this site?

    You can share your weird memories or any story which you've heard of somehow. Let people read your stories, so maybe you can be the weirdest person of all time :)

  • Are these stories real?

    Actually, we would never know. This is totally up to you. You are the one who makes them real or not with your votes.

  • How can i share my story?

    You need to sign up first, then click 'Share Story' button. That's it.

  • What if someone steals my story and repost it?

    Some stories might be similar. You would experience the same shit. But if you insist that someone copy-paste your story, you can report it so we can remove.

  • My story has much more upvotes than any other posts but mine is not in top list?

    Popularity of a post is not based on only upvote count. We have a 'weird' algorithm for listing.

  • I have an idea that makes it better!

    If you have suggestions, you can contact me here

  • There is a disturbing bug in your site, what should i do?

    Don't be a bad guy, just report us from here

  • I want to add a weird story in another language. What should i do?

    For now, we allow only English as content language. But don't worry, we are working on it.

  • I just want to add a link to my post. What should I do?

    Here is how you can add any link to your story: [link]https://hereismylink.com/something[link]

  • I need to add a YouTube video link. How can I do it?

    You can just add your YouTube link in your story, website will show it in an iframe automatically. Just copy and paste anywhere you want.

  • What are we planning to do?

    • adding lazy load functionality for listing pages.
    • adding public profile page to see users' popularities, weirdness levels so on.